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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The Christmas season is upon us! It is a season of joy, regardless of race, age or color. In Africa, everyone celebrates Christmas regardless of religious inclination. People exchange gifts and rejoice with one another; even the poorest are provided for during this season of giving! We thank all of our friends and partners who have made this year a great one! Your support has enabled us to grow the capacity of the ministry to reach more people to build lives. You have brought joy to the homes and communities where there was sorrow and misery. Many people have come to faith through your generous gifts and the provision of Christ. The impact of our ministry has been even more positive and powerful in 2021. You have brought good news of great joy and through you, “...those who were in darkness have seen a great light,” Isaiah 9:2. Glory be to God in the highest!

This year, we gathered our entire Life Builders family—orphans, widows, sponsored orphan program graduates, teachers, staff, friends and board members from the US and Nigeria—for a big celebration. For the First time since the program was founded, our US board members and friends attended the annual Ignite-A-Smile Program this past Sunday through Christmas Eve at our campus.

If you would like to send a Christmas gift to your sponsored orphan, you can do so by sending a monetary gift (limit of $30 per child) through the NCF portal. Your donation is used to purchase an age appropriate gift for your sponsored child in Nigeria.

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