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Gboko Haram Orphan Campaign

After the terrorist attacks in Nigeria, there are more than 2,000 orphans being kept in a camp without enough food, water or shelter--our ministry feels called to rescue them and provide education, food, shelter, and health services to these suffering children. We are currently building an orphanage and transporting as many children as we can to our ministry campus. Some of them have been absent from school for more than five years. They are being taught the practices of Islam at this camp and are often enlisted as child soldiers by the Gboko Haram terrorists. These kids' parents, some of whom were pastors, were beheaded and killed by these terrorists, and they desperately need your love, support and guidance of our ministry.

Watch our campaign video to learn more!

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Sponsored Orphan Program

Right now, there are close to two million orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria whose lives have been devastated by the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time: HIV/AIDS. As a sponsor, you will bring hope and healing into their lives by providing them with access to food, shelter, education and medical care.

Alakuko hospital clinic

The roof on the Alakuko Hospital Clinic building has been completed! We have also received full government approval for the building after paying many fees. Hallelujah! This is another milestone and God has provided so much for us this year. The plastering and plumbing work is now in progress however we need additional $31,000 USD to finish the project and move our donated equipment into the building. We are excited to open this hospital to the Lagos community. The healthcare system here is very poor and this clinic will save many lives. 

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Life Builders Academy

Life Builders Academy provides quality education to the orphans enrolled in the sponsorship program as well as to the local community. We recently added a boarding school to aid orphans without families or who could not travel. The school offers traditional courses as well as developmental courses such as sewing, cooking and entreprenuership.

Ignite A Smile program

Each year around Christmas, Life Builders hosts the annual 'Ignite A Smile' Program to celebrate those involved in our programs. Orphans and widows are gifted care packages for the coming year and a holiday meal. This year, our Board of Directors will join us for the first time!

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