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Capital Campaign: Rescue Mission

After the terrorist attacks in Nigeria, there are more than 2,000 orphans being kept in a camp without enough food, water or shelter--our ministry feels called to rescue them and provide education, food, shelter, and health services to these suffering children. We are currently building an orphanage and transporting as many children as we can to our ministry campus. Some of them have been absent from school for more than five years. They are being taught the practices of Islam at this camp and are often enlisted as child soldiers by the Gboko Haram terrorists. These kids' parents, some of whom were pastors, were beheaded and killed by these terrorists, and they desperately need your love, support and guidance of our ministry.

Watch our campaign video to learn more!

Capital Campaign Hostel Construction

Through generous donations from some of our partner churches, we have been able to rescue 10 children to date, and our goal is to rescue an additional 90. We are building a hostel to house them and they are attending our Christian Academy along with receiving health care, food, clothing and school supplies, as well as spiritual and emotional support. Due to government policies affecting construction projects, we recently employed a resident engineer to oversee both our construction projects and property maintenance. Blessing and Mr. Ojo, the General Supervisor, have handled these responsibilities for some time. However, it became necessary due to the rising fees for professional engineers overseeing our projects. Since joining us, the new engineer has significantly reduced costs. Notably, progress on the Hostel building construction has been substantial, with roofing completed and plastering underway. Plumbing and electrical works have also commenced. Given the daily increase in material prices, we've procured most necessary materials for completion. We aim to have the building ready by the end of May or, at the latest, the middle of June, in time for the US team's arrival for commissioning in June. We kindly request prayers for additional funds to furnish the building with electronics, kitchen utensils, furniture, etc.

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