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Life Builders Hospital & Alakuko Clinic June Updates

On May 23rd, Life Builders Hospital Alakuko opened its doors to the people of Lagos, the most populated black city in the world. Healthcare is one of the greatest needs of the Lagosians where child mortality rate is 113 per 1,000 live births. The groundbreaking was done by the President and Pastor, Dr. Emmanuel Oluwayemi, in January 2020. There was a very small amount of money available for the building process, however Dr. Emmanuel Oluwayemi did not let this hold him back from helping the people of Lagos gain access to affordable healthcare. During the construction, Life Builders faced several challenges ranging from state government approval to funding delays but we are happy to announce the grand opening to the public. By God’s grace, we are now set to begin saving more lives and giving hope to millions who have no access to basic health care. Lagos is home to about 20 million people with very poor health infrastructure.

We are happy to welcome our new Doctor to this brand new facility. Dr. Busuyi Kolade Akinola, who is hired as Life Builders Medical Director. He is a Christian surgeon who has worked in both private and government hospitals across Nigeria. He has also trained medical students in universities in addition to his regular clinical practice. He works with a team of other staff in the hospital including the medical laboratory officer, a pharmacy staff, nurses and midwifery staff, sanitation officers, human resources manager, clerk/secretary, and a security guard. Please keep them in your prayers as they work as a team to address the critical health needs in our community.

The Alakuko Hospital Clinic has already welcomed two new babies within the first two days of opening. We praise God that through the expertise of our Medical Director, Dr. Busuyi, both babies were delivered safely. They are the first set of patients to be admitted into our hospital and their families were so happy that everything they needed, including emergency surgery to save a newborn and his mother, were all available in our hospital.

“It is quite unbelievable albeit a blessing that this kind of hospital is available in our locality," one of the husbands said. "We never imagined we could receive such outstanding quality attention that we got at your hospital." A special thanks to all our friends and partners across the globe for making this dream a reality. No one can count how many lives will be saved from untimely death through the ministry of this brand new hospital. To God be the glory! Life Builders—building lives for the glory of God!

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