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May's Sponsored Orphan Success Story

Peter Akomolafe hails from Ekiti State, Nigeria. His father passed away in 2010 and him and his family struggled to survive. He was unable to attend school and his extended family deserted him. In 2011, Life Builders Ministries International took Peter under their care and has been supporting him and his family ever since. He was able to attend school and purchase the necessary equipment and books and. Life Builders made sure he never missed another meal and his generous sponsor supported him through trade school. Peter graduated from his music apprenticeship last month as an instrumentalist. “I want to thank God for those that God used for me and my prayer is that they will not lose their Heavenly rewards; I'm so grateful and happy,” Peter said. “People thought nothing can come out of my life, but they came and saw what God did in my life.”

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