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Life Builders Hospital & Alakuko Clinic May Updates

We praise God for being our shepherd for Life Builders Hospitals. The Igbusi campus hospital continues to save lives both in surgical services as well as trauma healing through our medical staff. Last week we had a successful hernia surgery for a patient who was rushed to the hospital the previous day. The construction work at the Alakuko hospital site is completed and we are now in the process of furnishing. We hope to open the place for services by next weekend with free medical check ups for the people in the community. The official commissioning ceremonies will be delayed for about a month in order to get an approved date from the Lagos State Government Officials. Praise God for being our provider. We thank all of our friends and partners who have generously helped us during the construction stage. Two weeks ago, the entire staff of Life Builders (orphans support, the hospitals and the academy) received a week long training on Trauma Care and Healing, courtesy of the Bible Society of Nigeria. This program was fully founded by our partner church in the USA (Christ Church Oakbrook) and was designed to train Christian workers how to deal with trauma both in our personal lives and in the lives of others. This training has brought transformation to the lives of all of our staff who participated along with changed perspectives of ministry. According to the testimony of one of the participants, “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me; I am healed from the pains of my past and now I can help others too.”

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