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You Make A Difference: Thank You, Sponsors!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

When we founded this ministry nearly 16 years ago, our commitment was to help orphans get access to basic education. We planned to stop at the high school level, however, about five years later, we discovered that many of them who were very intelligent would be wasting their talents if we stopped at this level. We communicated with our sponsors and they agreed to continue their sponsorship, some for two more years, others for four to five years. Today, this decision has made all the difference in the world. These orphans would have become street kids, sex workers or bandits. Thanks to all of our sponsors, we have reached this incredible milestone. In addition to several orphans who have acquired skills in certain trades, these orphans are being prepared for higher leadership roles in our nation of Nigeria. We are proud of their moral, spiritual and intellectual attainment. From our orphans whose sponsors did not give up on them, thank you for believing in us!

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