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Raise The Roof! Alakuko Hospital Clinic Update:

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The roof on the Alakuko Hospital Clinic building has been completed! We have also received full government approval for the building after paying many fees. Hallelujah! This is another milestone and God has provided so much for us this year. The plastering and plumbing work is now in progress however we need additional $31,000 USD to finish the project and move our donated equipment into the building.

We are excited to open this hospital to the Lagos community. The healthcare system here is very poor and this clinic will save many lives. The infant mortality ratio for Nigeria remains quite high at 814 deaths per 100,000 live births according to 2016 World Health Statistics. Next to the current insecurity challenges that Nigeria is facing is the poor health system. Life Builders is making a significant impact in the health sector of Lagos. Many lives, especially orphans, widows and the marginalized have been and are being saved through our hospital.

Thank you for supporting us with this great impact and helping us expand this sector of our ministry to meet the needs of our communities. Please consider donating to help us complete the clinic before December 18, 2021, when our board members will be visiting us!

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