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December Newsletter: What Will You Be Remembered For?

What will you be remembered for in Life? There are many women in the Bible who are remembered for their good deeds including Rizpah who is remembered for her care for the dead, Zarephath’s widow who gave bread to the hungry, Anna the prophetess who fasted and prayed day and night, Martha for her gracious hospitality, Mary for her box of fragrant ointment, and Mary Magdalene for her home for wayward and lost women. However Dorcas stands out. Tabitha, known as Dorcas in Greek, was described as a disciple of Jesus and a woman that many people remembered for her good deeds.

Acts 9:36-43 is one of the scriptures that inspired the spirit of Life Builders Ministries. Dorcas’ good deeds were the source and inspiration of societies all over the world today! We must not live only for ourselves but to also impact others positively. So what will you be remembered for? Join us in building lives for the glory of God!

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