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November Praises & Prayer Requests

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Each month, we share our praises and prayer requests. Please consider praying for the following as our ministry grows.

Praise God For...

  • His grace over our lives during the pandemic and national insecurity

  • His constant provision of our needs

  • The renewal of our partnership with Christ Church of Oakbrook for another two years and an increase in their giving and support

  • The progress of the Alakuko Hospital Project

  • The staff, students, board members and partners of the organization

Please Pray For...

  • Peace and security for Nigeria

  • Funding to complete the clinic project

  • An increase in orphan sponsorship

  • Blessings over the board as they visit next month

  • Strength and good health for Dr. Emmanuel and Blessing Oluwayemi as they continue to lead the ministry to a new level

  • Blessings upon the staff, students, and board members of both Nigeria and the USA.

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