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Life Builders Academy School Bus 'Bump In The Road'

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As students resume attending school in-person, ongoing school bus maintenance brings to light the economic downfalls of our transportation systems.

The school has resumed and students are now in their second week of classes. Many students have returned including the enrollment of 35 new students, but we are still expecting many more to enroll throughout the semester. Due to the hardships of COVID-19, a lot of the students’ tuition is still outstanding. An amount close to $1600 USD is still unpaid from the previous academic quarter. This has affected our school’s normal operations and funds were borrowed to pay the staff salaries for August as a result.

Maintenance and repair on the school buses have also contributed to recent expenses due to poorly kept roads. To prevent further expenses, we have decided to discontinue the use of the school buses for the following school year and onward. This decision may affect the ability of some students to travel to school which in turn could affect enrollment in the future, but presently, it has not been an issue.

Our teachers are doing well and recently took a training course given by board members on how to use the Chromebooks donated by our Board of Directors.The Solar Light Project was a success and power is being provided to the school a minimum of 8 hours daily. This sets our school apart from other schools in the community and allows our students and teachers to spend more time at school. The Life Builders Boarding School is thriving thanks to generous donations from our partners. Due to the pandemic, the price of food in Nigeria has gone up 400%. Thankfully, recent donations have helped to provide meals for the students.

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