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July Orphan Success Story

Morakinyo Oluwatosin was born May 25th. Her father was a contractor and her mother was a trader. She and her brother were raised as Christians. Her father passed away on July 24th 2007. After his death, Morakinyo’s mother was filled with grief and hopelessness. Her family relied on prayers to bring hope to their lives. Her mother raised both Morakinyo and her brother on her own, however she struggled to provide for her family. In 2009, Morakinyo’s mother found Life Builders and they changed her family's life. Because of Life Builders, Morakinyo and her brother now have sponsors and are able to attend school. Life Builders saved them when they believed that all hope was lost. She is currently running her Tertiary institution thanks to Life Builders and the grace of God.

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